To facilitate your purchases on our site, SOLEILdesCAPITELLES offers three different payment methods. Your account will be debited when the order is confirmed.


1 - Secure payment by credit card online (on our website (immediate confirmation of the order)


Paiement sécurisé "The Purchase Trust"

A secured payment: contact your credit card is encrypted by SSL via a group recognized bank - the People's Bank of the South - and never transmitted over the network. Payment is made directly through the bank. The Company "SOLEILdescapitelles" has any access to this data.


Secure payment - PAYMENT CYBERPLUS Banque Populaire.

bandeau paiement sécurisé


On we use the secure payment system CYBERPLUS PAYMENT of the People's Bank of the South. We do not collect and we do not store your credit card information. The transaction takes place on the servers of the People's Bank of the South. For more information, please read the explanation below.

Secure payments

The payment method in CYBERPLUS PAYMENT Payment is SSL. The payment protocol is standard and recognized worldwide for the protection of data transmitted over the Internet. It is available on almost all browsers (Internet Explorer V3.02 or later of Microsoft, Navigator V1.1 or later of Netscape, ...).

The data you enter your card (number, date of expiry, etc ...) are encrypted before sending your post to the payment server CYBERPLUS PAYMENT.

What is secure payment?

Secure payment means that transactions on the Internet are protected against unauthorized interception and also against modification and unauthorized alterations to the original content of messages.

What is the Data Encryption?

Encrypt data, it is given make, are secret. It is about transforming the letters that make up the message into a sequence of digits, and then performing calculations on those numbers for the recipient to decrypt: this is called encryption. The fact of encoding a message so as to make secret is called encryption. The inverse method, which involves tracing the original message is called decryption.

What is SSL?

"Secure Socket Layer" secure form completed by the buyer during the seizure of its banking information. Encryption keys of 128 bits are used. The protocol used is compatible with most common browsers like Internet Explorer, Mozilla or Netscape.

The outcome of a transaction

The payment process is done in four steps described below. After filling your cart, you click one of the payment methods we offer. You are automatically connected to the payment server CYBERPLUS PAYMENT who asks for bank details to make an application for leave from his bank. The data required are:

Card number
Expiration date
(Last 3 digits on the back of the card)
Upon receipt of the authorization response, CYBERPLUS PAYMENT address simultaneously a response to our server and a receipt on your screen.


The server sends the transaction CYBERPLUS PAYMENT for bank deposit.


Exchanges between you and CYBERPLUS PAYMENT are encrypted. Only the server knows PAYMENT CYBERPLUS your credit card number.


2 - Secure payment via PayPal


PayPal allows you to pay online without sharing your financial information during the transaction. PayPal is the second payment method most used in France after the payment by credit card. If you already have a PayPal account you can pay your order in two clicks and safely without entering your credit card number.


What is PayPal?


PayPal is the safer you to pay online. Pay with your credit card without disclosing the number to the merchant. In addition, pay faster when you buy online.


The number of your credit card is never revealed to the merchant.
100% protection against any unauthorized payments sent from your account.
Every purchase confirmed by a receipt.

Speed through checkout whenever you shop online.
Pay with your credit card or bank account. You have a choice.
You do not need to reenter your information.

3 - Payment by check (validation and shipping the order to cashing the check)


You can print your order form that you previously completed online, and send it to us signed and dated with the word "agreed" with your payment by check payable to SOLEILdesCAPITELLES, by mail to follows:


Rue Mistral