Our recipies

  • Caviar d'aubergine
  • Tartare de daurade
  • Chèvre frais, duo de betteraves
  • Suprèmes de pintade
  • Filet de St Pierre
  • Crême brulée
  • Mousse au chocolat
  • Tartelles framboises


Words of Chief...

"Talking about yourself is always difficult, so start with my passion, the senses ... taste, perfume, papillles salivating. The fun comes when the flavors are appointments, magical moments where I can fully devote myself to the creation, culinary arts. I like challenges, and Celia Laurent, creators of the brand "SOLEILdesCAPITELLES" I have launched a size! Create simple and elegant recipes where their five olive oils have a place of honor. "

Because Benoit is humble, he never admit you have worked in the best restaurants. He speaks gladly of "The Master", Bernard Loiseau, but forget to tell you about his rise to become today's cook a large state institution head. Between cockails, receptions and formal dinners, Benedict took up the challenge with gusto.

10 recipes are already arising from this collaboration, combining modernity, creativity and gluttony. Delicate associations where each oil is sublimated, where each fragrance recalls the south of France, between earth and sun, between sweet and savory.

But before this young chef, we discovered Benedict, sensitivity and special kindness. This professional collaboration was a new, large and beautiful friendship, but you know, so just ...

Thank you, Benoit.


Cuisine avec l'huile d'olive SoleildesCapitelles