The Olive tree and the Culture

  • La génèse

Year after year, generation after generation, our family has been constantly developing as planting trees. Passion, love of nature, love of the tree, every generation has learned to love and restore its beauty and its strength in this sacred tree.

Weather, cold waves, heat waves, our trees are fully exposed to the climate of our "mother nature." It is this nature that makes them strong and beautiful, certainly, our work plays there as a role? We hope so!

To respect and to have a quality production, our olive trees have no irrigation system and draw their water from their own reserves carried fallen throughout the year rains!

We try to work our trees as best we can, by introducing sustainable agriculture that is to say, we apply the necessary treatments studied how to maintain a proper production plant health, and we use that products whose impact on the environment and the auxiliary fauna is the least harmful possible to preserve this fragile agreement with nature!

The 1800 olive trees we have are spread over several plots, many lands and in many varieties.
Picholine, emblematic variety of our department, the Bouteillan variety but also Négrette the Lucca Aglandau ... Different varieties of different land, different soils, different sunlight, a maturity of different fruits and finally a thing without which all this would be nothing, expertise mill we work with, which will give oils we offer flavors and tastes.