The Genesis

  • La génèse

After 15 years in the Indian Ocean island of Reunion, Mauritius, Seychelles, Madagascar, Singapore island ... Laurent decided following a radical change of life "forced" to take over the olive part of her husband's family. A project matures and began almost 2 years to emerge. These two years of learning and research, was born "HO" beginning of an adventure that will continue in the near future to deliver you "SO" and "PO" ...

"HO", what exactly? What do these two letters?

For us, "HO" has several meanings. Indeed "H" for history because, as you may have read previously, at departure is that history, immediately after the "O" is imposed on us, "O" as olive course, which donna "stories of Olives", which inevitably led us to "HO" for Olive Oil.

We worked this range "HO" trying to combine quality, beauty and practicality. It is important for us that these olive oils make you want. Want to place the bottle on the table, daily or friends. Want to introduce this "little" more, which will make your dish, the better!

We also wanted to offer you an easy to use bottle. A good grip so that the bottle does not slip from the hands, but also a pouring spout to be worked a steady flow of oil and this whatever the position of the bottle. This cap also allows for not greasy residue on the bottle so no loss of olive oil.

Oils "SOLEILdesCAPITELLES" will accompany you every day, regardless of your dishes. For this purpose, any order of an olive oil bottle, we will offer you our recipe booklet in collaboration with a great chef. 5 olive oils for different tastes and aromas! 5 olive oils that our chef has assembled, married and travailées for you to get the best.