"The Pitchounettes" tasting box SdC Maximize

"The Pitchounettes" tasting box SdC

"The Authentic Pitchounettes" Prestige Box Tasting-Discovery SdC.

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et Vendredis du SOLEIL
July 16 to October 3 from 10:00, come share our universe and discover all the different flavors and aromas of our olive oils.

To allow you to enjoy or discover SOLEILdesCAPITELLES Olive oils, we offer this prestige box tasting discovery, consisting of 5 individual glass bottles 5cl we called "The Pitchounettes". Expression that refers to our "talk before" from the Occitan Pichon, meaning "small" and that tranformera in "pitchoun", which we will add the suffix "ette" to the feminine side of these bottles, "The Pitchounettes ".

5 extra virgin olive oils that make up the prestige SOLEILdesCAPITELLES box dévouverte-tasting, they reflect five whole palette of flavors and aromas different completions. 

Oil PDO (protected designation of origin) Olive Oil from Nimes, three single variety oils, Picholine, Négrette and Bouteillan and an exclusively French typical olive oil "black fruit" or "fruity old ", which for us, is our" Way Grandmother. "
A box made in the spirit perfume, glass bottles, screw caps, safety valves. Matt black cardboard box, inside moussse calibration sticker and inviolability.

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