AOP Nîmes Olive Oil can 250 ml Maximize

AOP Nîmes Olive Oil can 250 ml

Extra Virgin Olive Oil, AOP Nîmes Olive Oil, SOLEIL des CAPITELLES, 250 ml metal can, tin coating with gold food for optimal storage. With anti-drip spout.

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et Vendredis du SOLEIL
July 16 to October 3 from 10:00, come share our universe and discover all the different flavors and aromas of our olive oils.

The Olive Oil AOP (appelation of protected origin) Nimes Olive Oil, which we propose you, is an oil extracted from fresh(cool) olives collected(harvested) in the course of maturity, with a powerful character. She(it) will show itself very perfumed, with intense aromas of plum, pineapple, accompanied in mouth of a point(headland) of bitterness and an ardence which(who) make her(it) fresh(cool) and delicate. She(it) will seduce you in seasoning of salads, on a plate of fresh and very surprising pasta on strawberries.

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