"Pitchounette", "WAY GRANDMOTHER" individual vial 5 cl Maximize

"Pitchounette", "WAY GRANDMOTHER" individual vial 5 cl

Virgin Olive Oil, "Way Grandma" SOLEIL des CAPITELLES, glass vial individually 5 cl.

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et Vendredis du SOLEIL
July 16 to October 3 from 10:00, come share our universe and discover all the different flavors and aromas of our olive oils.

To give you a taste or discover Olive Oil "Way Grandmother" SdC, we offer packaging in the form of glass vials individual 5cl we called "The Pitchounettes" expression referring to our "speak before "from the Occitan pichon, meaning" small "and that in tranformera" pitchoun ", which we will add the suffix" ette "to the feminine side of the vial," the Pitchounettes. "

The "Way Grandmother" is a flavored oil to the former, extracted from olives that are stored and matured in suitable conditions and control, before oil extraction. Under a dress golden, it will offer both very delicate, very fragrant, with a total absence of vegetal aromas, and you will find the taste of candied black olives our "grandmothers". It accomodera with everything concentrated flavors, mushrooms, offal, game, shellfish.

Sold with individual case.